The Murders of Gradilla

Quest for the Fountain

We find our adventurers (Marvel, Zira, Sorrow, and an Assassin) traveling southward into the kingdom of Sabinthia on a quest for the Fountain of youth. Guided by a compass, and armed to the teeth, they have already faced down a small regiment of heroes (the heroes of Phohala) and the old crone Luohi, encountered another adventuring group and their unique bard named Cyclone Jack, and passed Barrier Canyon (almost being killed). They found Gradilla to be less than friendly (due to a downturn in the economy caused by the destruction of B.A.R.D. at the end of the Murders of Gradilla quest). They are continuously finding hints that an old acquaintance of The Crimson Marvel is traveling about a week or two ahead attempting to ruin his name.

Sorrow is having a series of strange dreams that he is told is connected with the Terracotta Temple within the Barrier Canyon. The assassin has had multiple encounters with a somewhat friendly barbarian with whom there was a small misunderstanding. They have also caught wind of another adventuring party beyond the Barrier Canyon.

Most recently, they acquired a new party member from a slave market in a village in northern Sabinthia. It is a smaller feline humanoid that calls itself a Lombax. It seems to have trouble understanding magic but seems to be quite talented at smithing, and engineering.



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