The origin of magic


Name: Ithilian
Race: Human
Class: Mage


Ithilian lived at the very end of the first age, the age of the elves. He was one of the then small weak human civilizations. At the time, humans were viewed as an unimposing and unimportaint because not only were they rather weak physically, but they had no magic other than some weak attachments to deities.

Ithilian was born to as the seventh child to a human leader. Not being the next in line to rule, and not showing and skill in battle he was always overlooked not only by his family but also his community. This didn’t bother him. In fact nothing did. He didn’t notice anything that happened around him, and that which he did notice mattered little to him. He was too caught up in his stories, particularly the story from across the sands, the Book of 1001 Nights.

At his 18th birthday, he was expelled from his community. He didn’t know why, but if he had been paying more attention he would have known when his coming of age trials would have been, and not missed them.

His travels are chronicled in many books and tales, but over time found the Four Genies, one for each element. For each, he made only one of his three wishes, saving the other two for later. The wish he made to each was “I wish that when I find the final genie, you will meet me there in person”

Upon finding the final genie, he was met by the three others. Using the full power granted by all four elements, he was able to create a whole new form of magic; the arcane.


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