Jada Sukibo

Trader Ship Sukibo Sunk by Giant Duck!


Race: Human
Race/Ethnicity: Trader
Class: Fighter
HP: 112
AC: 21
Weapon: Ebony staff, brass capped +2
Armor: Cloth
Weapon Spec: Light Blunt, 2 attacks per action
Armor Spec: Unarmored, x2 Dex mod to AC

*S: 16
*D: 18 Ioun Stone: 20
I: 14
W: 13
C: 17
*Ch: 15

Fame as Trader: 4.2
Family Heirloom: Suraku Box, box of featherfall


Jada has spent the majority of her life on the open seas with her family as a guard to her family’s traders. One early spring day, a storm hit and sunk her family’s ship. Jada is the only surviving member of her family—saved by the floating survival box, her suraku. She traveled with what she could salvage of her family’s wares, improving her stock with all the knowledge her family gave her. Now she has made her way south, joining a group of outcasts to move south across the mountains and start a new community.

Jada Sukibo

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