Luna Lycopus

Elf Ranger


Class: Ranger Lvl 8
Race: Wood Elf
AC: 18

Quiver, Longbow

I grew up only knowing a small amount of people. My Father and Mother came to this strange land with my Ancestors long, long ago. After much deliberation they decided to stay and make a home for themselves. As time wore on more men came to live near by, and at first they tried to stay away and stay hidden, however it proved very difficult after a time. The men soon were living in many places nearby, so instead of finding a new home my father went to meet the leader. Turns out they consider themselves nobles (the ones in charge that is), and it turns out they needed some help. My father began to work for this noble as his “Hunter”, my father was an amazing Ranger in his day. My brothers have since filled his position, but we do this willingly. We made friends instead of enemies, but I was still not allowed to play with many of the human children. I grew tired of feeling “trapped” and learned from my father how to become a great Ranger. We hid this from my mother as she did not like to think of me killing much, or attempting to roam free either. Eventually it came to the time of my “Womanhood” when I chose to leave home and explore the world for myself. We know of a place West and a little South of my home called Northreach, and I decided to start there. I could learn more about what was happening in the world around us if I went to a larger town where news came more often. I have been gone for 7 months and learned that Duke Noble (the lord that runs Northreach, is and idiot), and that I need to go somewhere new. I met some people who are interested in leaving, and I will be meeting them tonight. The people have decided to leave this town in 2weeks, and I will go along. We will be heading South to a mountain range to start fresh. It sounds great to me, I can learn more as we travel and I can start a new life and be exactly who I wish to be.

Luna Lycopus

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