Moan McCall

"Big Daddy McCall" is the elephantaur leader of the KnightMare Keep


Name: Moan McCall
Race:Elephantaur (Frost Giant on elephant)
Class: Lvl 16 Warrior
Weapon: +3 Massive Warhammer (3d12)
Armor: Giant Splintmail +4


Moan McCall was once a frost giant of the northern mountain range. This changed once he angered a hag witch living in the dark marshes. She turned him into the creature he is today. After being shunned from his home clan, he traveled around. He wasn’t any better received anywhere else. Eventually he found an old abandon keep in the north occupied by an old priest and a reclusive mage. Here he began to find and welcome anyone shunned by society. This keep became known as Knightmare Keep.

Moan McCall

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