Sir Nealan of Queenscove

Sir Nealan, Protector and Lover of Women everywhere! XD


Class: Paladin
Level: 8
Human, LG
Knight of Deacon
HP: 62
AC: 21
Fame: 7.4

Weapon: Large Mace (Convalescence)
Weapon Spec: Heavy Blunt (dmg, + 1/2 Str)
Armor:Half Plate
Armor Spec: Medium

*S: 18
D: 15
I: 14
*W: 17
C: 13
*Ch: 16

Divine Strike
x3 damage once per opponent
Divine Heal
1d4/lvl 3xday


Nealan comes from a long line of nobles dating back to the beginning of the Human Era. His father, a healer of some renown, pushed his son to learn some of the healing arts, while his mother pushed him to become a knight. After travel and study Nealan has finally found a happy balance with the Knights of Deacon, having gained some incredible powers of healing from his mace, Convalescence. Now his only life challenge he must conquer is to win the love of the lovely lady in white!

Sir Nealan of Queenscove

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