Sir Phalangelus

Always looking for a good mount


Race: Human
Age: 20 Somt’n
Sex: M
Class: Knight
Occupation: Messanger
Rank: Knight of Reknown
Last Known Location: A Keep Deekin Tavern


Phalangelus is more Barbairan than knight firmly believing that the three most important virtues are Riding, Feats of courage, and Drinking. Most of the time in that order. Before becoming a knight of Deekin Phalangelus sought to win gloy and riches by exploring ruins. That end poorly since he got lost in the only ruin he mangage to find. That ruin was also infested with undead and without a torch (He seemed to remeber that in all the tales, he never heard of anyone bringing a torch) he wandered for days fighting his way through the cold and forgoten hall before coming upon Alexandra and her party of Deekinian knights.

Sir Phalangelus

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