Oh my Smokey, What big teeth you have...


Race: Bugbear
Age: 30ish
Sex: M
Height: 9ft
Weight: 650lb
Class: Shaman
Occupation: Marriage Officiating
Rank: Priest
God: Lilinn
Last Known Location: Poison Marshes

Weapon: Large Double Bladed War Axe, Short sword, 5 Nasty looking daggers
Armor: Hide
Items of Note: Faith, Herbs for Booboos, Holy Book of Dryfen


Traveling at the behest of his goddess, “Smokey” whose real name is Smorgey Kalehoupten, Is on oneā€¦no…two Missions. The first is easy enough; it is to unite “as many folks as is poosable into the boonds of Mattrimoanee”. The second is far harder and that is to bring light into the Darkness of the Darklands. Armed with his faith and some new companions he makes his way fearlessly in to the poison mashes secure in the knowledge that Lilinn will give him the power to be successful.


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