Race: Human(?)
Class: Cleric
Lvl: 8
Diety: NA (spiritual)
Align: LG
Fame: .1 (in the upper region)

Hp: 30
BTH: +4
AC: 15

S: 16 +3
I:17 +3 (prime)
W: 20 +5
D: 13 +1
C: 10
CH: 17 +3 (prime)
*-barge staff +1
*-leather +2
*-amulet of adaptation
*-dragon amulet (snap to summon the silver dragon, Sevarus)
*-ring of extra spell storing
*-contact (silver) [detect magic, detect align. – gifted from an aged god with silver hair and eyes, old—after the great consecration]

*-barge (miles away, floating down the river of styx)


Sorrow travels the main continent in search of all that is unknown. As a man who hails from a nation of faithlessness, he finds the very concept fascinating. When he first arrived to the mainland, he simply docked his barge in the marsh and walked.

While few know his origins, as he is a fairly private individual, there are some he has decided to share his story to (after all, he hears of countless new stories everyday, why not contribute a little?) Often thought of as a sickly mysterious fellow, Sorrow is certainly able to weather the test of time. Once human, the nation he hails from was once a well established trading hub and saw a large traffic of otherwordly goods that shipped in from the other continent. However, this prosperous city was about to face stormy waters.

The people grew cocky and with their exposure to cultures beyond that of the mainland, they denounced gods, finding the worship of deities to be insulting and medieval. The gods, in return, cursed them.


Sorrow acknowledges the existence of something larger than himself. If one were to speculate on his belief, perhaps they would come to the conclusion that Sorrow worships the very concept of faith.


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