The Crimson Marvel

A traveling bard with a theme song...


Race: Human
Age: 25
Sex: M
Class: Bard
Occupation: Traveler
Aliases: The Crimson Marble, Crimson, Marvel

Weapon: His Charming Personality… and as many daggers as he can hide
Armor: Red Velvet

The Crimson Marvel stands just over five and a half feet and has a gymnast’s physique. He is normally dressed in red velvet pants and coat, but when the occasion calls for it he will either dress up with red silk or down with red leather. Often The Crimson Marvel will appear to be wearing a Scarlet mask which is featureless except for the eyes and one black tear. While on the road or in town his silver kukri is at his side and under his crimson jacket or arming coat; whether leather, velvet or silk he is always wearing his custom tooled leather harness holding his many throwing daggers and his deadly dagger of venom.


The Crimson Marvel is a traveler that is just misunderstood. Really he is, The Crimson Marvel is just a pawn of fate trying to give people the insight that they are desperately looking for. He only relays what the cards tell him it is up to the person to interpret the message.
He is lately from Breman and to those of you from that place he was good friends with the town guard, they always seemed to be asking him to come and visit. He was very sorry to have to leave town in such a hurry but there seemed to be some disruption involving the Mayors daughter, and as a great lover of tranquility the Marvel decided that Breman was becoming much to rough a town for his taste.
Now free upon the road again The Crimson Marvel looked forward to his next adventure…
Now based in Ejiah, The Crimson Marvel has dedicated himself to helping his companion Zira in her quest to become the proprietor of an inn. Always ready to lend a hand whenever needed, The Crimson Marvel has generously provided Zira with both the wisdom and capital to help her reach her goal.
As The Crimson Marvel is a man of a great many talents and since most of those talents are in turn great, The Crimson Marvel has acquired several tools, companions and abilities over the course of helping others achieve their goals, foremost among these are; The Scarlet Harlot, Achieving Mastery at Pantomime, increasing his skill with the short blade, and the creation of The Crimson Hand.

The Crimson Marvel

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