The Dark Heart

The ruler of the darklands that always threatens the existance of man....


(all stats and nature of this thing are unknown)


At the end of the second era a force began to rise and corrupt the old land of the elves. Some of the elves attempted to reason with this force, and were themselves corrupted and distorted. The weakened remnants of the elves fled their old homeland leaving the darkness to grow. Soon it reached the mountains. Here it encountered an uncorrectable force, the dwarvs, with wills and bodies as solid as stone. Not being able to distort them, it took the captured elves and warped them into dark bloody aggressors which it threw in droves against the dwarves. With the aid of the dragons of the mountains, the dwarves held back the force for a long time.

However, the dark heart would not be stopped. It captured some of the good dragons of metal and crystal and warped them and took away their minerals, leaving them only colors. These dark angry creatures were built up and bred by the dark heart over the generations. Soon the darkness sent a great rush of twisted elves, now orcs, backed by the great new beasts against the mountains…and would have broken through if not for a new force, the force of man.

In a great and epic battle, dragons, men and dwarves fought against the forces of the dark. By the end, most of the dragons of both sides had been destroyed, and millions of dead bodies covered the battlefield. The dwarves and men retreated into the mountains, but the weakened forces of the dark heart had to retreat as well. The remaining natural dragons fell into seclusion to rest after the great battle, and are now quite rare to find.

Now in an eternal war with man and dwarf, the dark heart controls the lands west of the mountains, while the kingdoms of man have flourished on the east.

The Dark Heart

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