1st character in this campaign.


Name: Vivika
Race: Centaur (female)
Class: Wizard lvl5 Cleric lvl1

St: 14 Wis: 19
Dex: 13 *Int: 16
Con: 15 *Cha: 20

HP: 49
AC: 19
BTH: 4

Armor: Studded Leather+3 (only on the human torso)
Weapon(s): Halberd+2 d10
Daggar+3 d6
Attack 2hoof d6 + 5BTH

Abilities: BLIND: thermo-vision; Darkvision(60ft)

Items: Horseshoes of Zephyr; Staff of Healing(14);
Robe of Scintilating Color;
Belt of Charisma+2: Unseen servant (1xday)


I have long black hair with grey eyes. Fair and dark skin blending into the black horse with only a small portion of white by the hooves. My sisters and I are nightmares (without the fire!). I am mates with Fletch, Robert Fletcher, the robin hood of the north! We have two beautiful twin foals, Grigori and Adali. She lives in Nightmare Keep with her two sisters and will eventually help with keeping the place running.


The Murders of Gradilla Harmony