Dagger of Sebelian

weapon (melee)

The Dagger of Sebelian is a +2 dagger, with the ability to utilize the magic bonus absorbed from weapons by the Shield of Sebelian in attacks. When used alone, it works as a +2 steel dagger (1d6 damage). However, when used with the Shield of Sebelian, any magic bonus taken from another weapon by the shield is applied to the magic bonus of the dagger. However, this bonus goes away with attacks. For every successful hit, the dagger looses one magic bonus (to a minimum of +2). If not used, it can collect magic bonus without limit, but looses the bonus naturally at a rate of one per day (once again to a minimum of +2).

Dagger +2
(1d6 damage)
Sebelian Magic Transfer


Sebelian was a young knight who was trained in dueling with daggers and shields. In duels he would continue to loose due to the fact that the noble families would afford powerful magic to be put on their weapons. Fed up with not having a magic weapon or being able to afford one, so he made a pact with a demon Mephisto. Mephistopheles created a dagger and shield that when used in conjunction stole magic bonus from an opponents weapon and transferred it into the dagger.

Unfortunately for Sebelian, his next match was with a purist duelist who utilized no magic weapon. Sebelian, relying on the new items had not practiced in some time and was killed in the duel. He was buried with the items, but when grave robbers broke in, the items were already gone.

Dagger of Sebelian

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