Staff of Ithilian

The staff of the famed Ithillian


Type: Staff
Magic: +4
Damage: 1d8

Spell Like Abilities:
Intelligence check will allow the wielder to absorb a spell targeted at them, and absorb half of the mana used in the spell while negating the spell effect.

Also allows the owner to gain levels in an arcane spellcaster class regardless of intelligence.

Negative Side effects:
Wielder becomes careless and unobservant of the world around him (-4 on all notice rolls)
Wielder must have at least a 16 intelligence and 5 levels in an arcane spellcaster class.


Ithillian, the originator of arcane magic, crafted himself a staff from the wood of a plumb tree and affixed the head of a serpent made of brass to the top with two slots for gems. This staff was used as a focus for years by Ithillian, and so became a channel for magical energies. The gems that fit in the eye sockets of the serpent head can be interchanged, transferring the magic of the gems to the wielder.

Staff of Ithilian

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