Warhammer of Deepforge

A hammer forged deep below earth.

weapon (melee)

Type: Two handed, heavy blunt weapon
Damage: 3d6

1) Lvl 5 Fighter type
2) Heavy Blunt Specialization
3) Strength of 17 or more

1) Seismic Strike (x3 per day)(at 10 spell power)
2) Seismic Wave (X1 per day) (at 10 spell power


This large weapon, forged deep below the mountains by dwarven master smiths, was crafted for a hero that was killed by an earth dragon before the item was completed. It was held in a dwarven museum and never put to use until the Dwarf king Morgdon brought it into battle on the surface against the forces of the dark heart. It was lost in the battle on the surface and it is assumed that it is still in the clutches of the forces of evil.

Warhammer of Deepforge

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