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The Heist Edit
September 13, 2011 07:19

While attempting to find information on the Amethyst, the group is met by an old retired thief who wants to get back in the game. He gets them some information, and has them meet with a few people. First is an old adventurer who used to raid the ruins deep below the city. From him, they get a map, and some information on the ruins. This is where the gem is said to be held.
Second, they speak to an insane old locksmith savant. He describes the lock he crafted for the duke some years back and informs them that they either need four sets of experienced hands to pick the lock or the key, which is said to be “watched by some of the sharpest eyes alive”.
Next, they speak to an old city historian, who informs them that the only way to the deep ruins, other than the main entrances (all blocked off), is through air shafts likely to be found in the lowest levels of the crypts.
The party is assailed by a band of assassins looking for the Crimson Marvel, who has a decent bounty on his head. They are fought off.
They explore the crypts, during which time they encounter a banshee who kills Hector. However, Raven refuses to take his soul into the afterlife and Hector, with the guidance of a kind spirit of the crypts, helps the party as a ghost. The party finds the shafts leading down.
Next, they shoot for the key, which they figure is guarded by the Dukes collection of cats. To distract the guards, a fire is started but with much greater force than desired. They acquire the key, but not without burning the dukes mansion to the ground.
Catherine Edit
July 24, 2011 11:12

The Ejiah heroes decide to investigate the rumors of haunted hills north of their town. After a few days of searching(and some encounters with stone lizards) they find an abandon city. From hints found in the rubble, they find that it was a mining town, until they discovered some great treasure. Soon after the town was assailed by all manner of beasts, the great treasure was taken off to Northreach and the city was destroyed by the beasts.

They find the mine and begin to search it. After a bit, they find a great stone dragon being spoken to by a servant of the Necromancer. The Dragon (by the name of Koructu) explains to the party that he has been there since the very early years to guard the Eclipse Amethyst, an ancient relic created by an elder god. It was discovered and he needs it back. The Necromancer agrees to help get the stone back, but only if Koructu helps with the siege on Northreach. However, if the Ejiah Heroes can return the stone to him, he would wish to have nothing to do with the Necromancer.
He also mentions to the priest that the god Raven owes him still, and if the stone is returned, the debt will be repaid.
So, the heroes return home to prepare for the journey to Northreach. As they begin to embark, they receive a message from the Lady Izabella. The message is urgent saying that she has found some important information and needs to speak to them as soon as possible. They head out.
They find the dwelling of Lady Izabella breached and the Lady dead. Baron Destado learns of the death and is heart broken. He offers up a reward of ten thousand gold to any who can find Izabellas killer, prove their guilt, and bring justice. The group teams up with a fabled knight errant of the Knights of Deekin named Black Dunken, but soon find that he is of little use beyond brute strength. After some investigation, the interrogation of the lady’s messenger, and some help from the Marvels father, they find out that immediately after the lady was murdered, Catherine (from the Barons Ball) skipped town, taking all traces of her with. They discover that Catherin is an agent for a rouge group of agents calling themselves “the Cyphrus Shurkin”. They also find out that the lady had been investigating the lineage of Duke Noble and had uncovered some shocking information.

They trail Catherine to a wayside in to the north called “the Moths Hovel”. The inn turns out to be a cover for the Cyphrus Shirkens hideout. They are able to make contact with Catherine who offers to help them if they forget about lady Izabella and the reward. The party decides against it, and assaults the hideout. In the process, Hector is killed, and both Zira and Sir Dunken are nearly killed. Hector (instead of moving on) has his soul trapped in the body of his raven familiar Agrippa. Without locating Catherine, the party heads back to town to heal. They are able to get the dukes mage to transform the body of Agrippa into a human body, but he warns that it is only a temporary fix. Before they can head back to the inn, Reagan arrives with Catherine as prisoner, saying that she attempted to escape, but was captured. The group claimes their prize.

Going about their business (attempting to get back on the road to Northreach) Zira is contacted by Catherine. They meet in the dungeons and Catherine tempts Zira into breaking her out in exchange for treasure that they missed at the inn. Zira agrees but has her own tricks up her sleeve. In a previous misunderstanding, Zira had ended up in Culain prison, and had met a member of the White hand, the Dukedoms main thieves guild. They had broken her out, and she had made a good contact. Now, she contacted the white hand to help her break Catherine out of jail. They agree, on the condition that they get Izabellas Notebook (which caries a hefty pricetag).
Reagan finds out what is going on, and informs the Crimson Marvel, and also the Black Hand (the Dukedoms assassin guild and sister guild to the white hand). They follow unseen, leaving Reagan behind in the jail cell disguised as Catherine.
Back at the inn, Catherine takes Zira and Hector down into a hidden portion of the structure. Catherine escapes the group and they are assailed by Shade Barbarians (great evil immortal beings controlled by the Cyphrus Shurkin). Things are going very poorly, and when it seems that the fight could end with their demise, Zira performs a Divine strike and he sword, Helveti bursts into flame causing the Shadowy creatures to recoil from the light. Using the great burning blade, Zira slays the creatures.

Meanwhile, Catherine attempts to escape out the front of the inn, not knowing they were trailed. With the help of a Black hand member, the Crimson Marvel stops Cathrine. Zira emerges from the depths, and with rage in her eyes, slays Catherine.

They drag the body back to town where they sneak it into the old jail cell. The White Hand receives the notebook, The Crimson Marvel annexes some of the Black hand members and starts his own guild, “the Red Hand”.
The First of Many Tricks Edit
July 11, 2011 17:30

As the Crimson Marvel is attempting to summon a wizard familiar (accompanied by his new priest friend Hector)he is encountered first by a man whos hands and sleeves are covered in blood and has no memory, and second by the god Raven. She informs him that she would be glad to grant him an avian familiar of a rare breed if he is willing to do a little trick.
A stuffy Baron Destado is holding a great party with the intent of courting a fair lady Izabella in the near by city of Culain. They are going to crash the party.

While at the party, they learn that the lady Izabella is a talented genealogist who offers to look into the past of the Crimson Marvel. The Crimson Marvel makes himself a strong association of the Baron Destado, and is able to pull off the pranks that the Raven had in mind.
In the meantime, Hector challenges the Guard Captain to a drinking contest and wins, thereby creating another prank to be had later at the party. However, he is challenged afterwords by an old man (Raven in disguise) and looses (the raven cheats) and is forced as part of the wager to go into the city crypts and as a question of one of the dead.

The next day, a noble that was in attendance to the party is found dead, crucified and drained of blood in the middle of the street. Hector goes to speak to the daughter while Marvel follows the blood draining down into the sewer. He finds that it was designed to drain the blood to a sub level of the city even below the sewer, but no one seems to know how to get down there.

The Marvel meets with lady Izzabella and hires her to look into his family history while Hector goes down to the crypts to ask the question to the corpse that he was told to . Marvel then meets with a prospective lady named Catherine but is disappointed when things quickly turn to business. Catherine attempts to get info on who lady Izabella is researching the lineage of. The disappointed Marvel leaves and heads to the library to meet with the city historian who tells him that in the second age there was a Clansman city in this area. He figures the only structures that go deep enough are the crypts. Coincidentally, Hector stumbles upon the entrance.

Meeting back up, Hector, Marvel, and a few guardsmen head down into the crypt and down into the buried city. Here they encounter a family of mongrolmen and a priest that says he worships the living god Belial (known by others to be a demon prince). The guards engage the creatures while hector and Marvel go beyond to find Belial and a fountain filled with the blood of the noble. A battle ensues, and things are going poorly until the man with the blood stained sleeves shows up and using powerful blood magic (and significant help from our two heros) traps the demon in a magic circle. They find the guards and mongrolmen all dead, and head back up to the surface. They recount the tale to Baron Destado who rewards them and labels them Heroes and official friends of the city. Outside the town that night, they are met again by raven, who thanks them, and grants Marvel an egg that is to hatch into a rare bird called the Scarlet Nighthawk. The Crimson Marvel names his new companion “the Scarlet Harlot”.
The father, the flood, and Pohjola Edit
June 13, 2011 20:23

While at the bar (as so many adventures start), the Crimson Marvel meets (and cheats) a drunken priest of Raven. He also encounters someone who tells him that his mother has died. It is implied that the man is the Marvels father, but any information seems rather suspect. The next day, they hear about a flooded town to the south, just beyond the edge of the Blackprairie Woods. Zira is told by Jane (her mentor) to go find out what happened and to help any survivors. The crimson marvel, hearing rumor of a summoner that used to live in the town, goes along hoping to find a scroll that will teach him to find a magical companion. Also, they are accompanied by the drunken priest of Raven who says that his bird friend told him that he needed to go to the flooded town.

Traveling by the woods, they are passed by a runaway cart followed soon by a out of breath merchant attempting to catch the cart. He does not have time to chat much due to his situation, but he informs the party that rumor said that the flooded town was cursed. That night, the group is attacked by a party of ogres. They are able to fight them off with the help of centaurs that where watching from the forest.

The next day, they arrive at the flooded town. The priest and Zira attempt to make their way across the breached dike while the Marvel just decides to swim. The interior of the town is only partially flooded due to the quality town wall. In the town, they encounter four hero’s of Hiisi, the god of evil. After an epic battle the four slain warriors are stripped of their possessions, and the adventurers start a loot pile in the corner of a church. They begin to investigate the rest of the town. They find three things of importance. The first is a statuette of an old hag that they find has a curse on it. The next is the towns well. This is filled with the dead bodies of many of the towns old residence. Also, dead in the well, is a famed Knight of Deekin, Sir Vincent, the red Knight. They speak to his intelligent sword named Ember and promise to return it to the Keep of Deekin when they have the chance.

The third thing they find is a strange and (so the Marvel finds) indestructible root, protruding from the ground near the well. They collect the rest of the bodies from around town and burn them all in the well for as proper of a burial as they could do. In the market place, they encounter an amorphous blob like creature with many eyes and mouths. Its chattering and chanting causes confusion among the group, but they do end up killing it with the help of the sword ember.

Another thing they find is a vial of liquid with a marking on the outside that they can not read. The priest finds an ancient brew of scotch that glows slightly of magic. The Marvel finds the spell he was looking for, but being unable to read the magic, must get help from the mage in Ejiah

On the way home, they all begin to feel ill. When it looks as though they are not going to make it, out of the forest comes an ogre being chased by centaurs. They spot their allies and go to get the help of their shaman. The shaman makes a stew for them that makes them feel better, but warns them that it is only a temporary boon and that they have to find a way to destroy the curse on the statue. They make it back to the tower and using the power of the magic well, find out that the vial of liquid is an anti-curse potion. They submerge the statue into it and the curse of disease is lifted. The statue still detects of having curses and the group is told by Dr. Jackson that it is a cursed statue of Louhi, who is the only one who can destroy it.

Back at town, they purchase the building outside of town and begin to outfit it as an inn. Jane tells Zira that not only must the statuette be destroyed, but the old crone Luohi must be killed. He says that to do so, they must summon the spirit of Lemminkainen, the wandering hero. The druid Pestilence informs then that the root they saw was a root of the mother tree. The fact that it was protruding from the ground means that the tree is in trouble. They also notice that the leaves on the trees are beginning to change color early.
The Princess in the Tower Edit
May 21, 2011 17:47

The party hears a tale of an old tower in the middle of the Blackprairie Forest and take an interest. Moving through the forest on horseback, they find themselves enjoying the day until finding themselves chased by a group of centaurs. After a short chase and a few arrow wounds, the party attempts to turn and face their assailants. Zira is taken off her horse with a well placed shot, but Pestilence stalls the majority of them by controlling the plants to entangle them. She then talks to them in equine and finds that horse riding in the forest is strictly forbidden without the permission of the horse. They agree to allow one of the horses to go with them to vouch for the care they take, and in turn, the centaurs give uneasy permission through the forest.

They find the clearing with the tower, and decide to camp and attempt to find entrance in the morning. During the night Pestilence hears screaming coming from the tower.

The next day, they attempt many ideas to gain entrance to the tower with no success. They throw messages through the window, climbing, look for secret doors, but it seems there is no way in. They finally start heading back to the town, but first find the centaurs. They inquire for help, but the centaurs refused to go near the tower. They did agree to make a ladder, and at the top of the ladder, the druid placed some live plants that she could tell to entangle the top sill to ensure that the ladder could not be pushed away.

The plan succeeds and they make their way up to the top room. They find a garden on the roof of the tower, and the Crimson Marvel starts heading down stairs, but is told to go away by a voice in the darkness. After some smooth talking, the Marvel convinces them to let Zira down because she is not a man, non the less prince.

Coming down, Zira finds herself face to face with the princess; a massive, hideous troll. The princess tells the true story of what happened, and offered Zira immortality. While Zira stalls, the Marvel attempts to sneak down to help, but is spotted. A battle ensues. As things go south, because the party is outnumbered and dealing with a very strong troll, Zira calls upon the power of Ukko and deals a massive blow to the princess as the other two cover her in oil and light her on fire. Sensing defeat, the princess takes her scepter and attempts to break it. Her servants, seeing this, become scared. Some run, but one attempts to steal the scepter. The servant gets it away and runs up the stairs. The Marvel follows while Pestilence and Zira finish burning the troll.

In the end, the Marvel throws the scepter into the woods, the servants vow to reform to become a convent of Ukko, and the party takes ownership of the tower.
The Sunken Temple Edit
April 15, 2011 10:19

Hired on by an archeologist by the name of Dr. Jackson, the Ejiah party follows to where a massive sinkhole reportedly exposed an entrance to an ancient temple. However, it is already being investigated…by minotaurs. During the short battle the priestess dies,but is resurrected by the god of the mage after he uses the priestess as a blood sacrifice. The Crimson Marvel falls into the sinkhole, but is save by the Mage who casts a quick featherfall. Down in the sinkhole, the Marvel finds the old man who was controlling the minotaurs who had ended up with the merchants cart. He strikes a deal, and they decide to work together.

They find that the temple was dedicated to an old Norse goddess of fertility. The Crimson Marvel keeps a close eye on the old man, while the others take a look at the altar. They find a book of religious scripture, but little else. However, the Marvel discovers that the old man he has been keeping an eye on is actually an illusory double. They track him down through a secret passage to a chamber with a large pillar with music on it. After some investigation, the Marvel is able to open a compartment on the pillar, and inside is a small lute.

Meanwhile, the fighter goes down a different hallway and is confronted by an illusion of a fighter who says “this is where warriors are tested. Defend yourself” and attacks. The fighter is not able to withstand the illusions onslaught, and before the killing blow, it asks “what is the cure for wickedness?” The fighter answers “redemption” and is allowed to leave where she came from. Later the Marvel attempts to go in to face the trial, but is knocked unconscious by the first blow.
An invasion… Edit
April 05, 2011 13:16

Again, we find those of the town of Ejiah taking watch. The crazy aunt Pestilence of the gnome Priestess is visiting. Little is happening, but during the day they inspect and allow in 10 men, separate, unarmed, and quiet. That night, they learn of a new weapons merchant coming to town named Troy.

That night, the Crimson Marvel and the priestess overhear a small scuffle happen, and when they go to investigate, they observe the ten men arming themselves from the cart of Troy. The Crimson Marvel warns the guard and a major battle ensues. Things are going poorly for the on duty guard until they are reinforced by the off duty guard, the party, and an old blacksmith.

Although the battle was won, many guards died, including the head of the guard, Mac. Also, a lot of damage was done by the leader of the group when he began starting fires.
Moooving forward Edit
What do you get when you cross a cow and a man?
April 01, 2011 10:02

During daytime watch, our newest group encountered a wandering bard who goes by the name of “The Crimson Marvel”. Shortly after, a merchant comes to the city claiming he was attacked and his wares were stolen, including his bracelet given to him by his late wife. He recruits the party along with the bard. No one trusts him, but they agree to help him anyway.
Following the road back, they find the scene of the attack and follow a trail off to the north east. As they follow the trail, it appears by the tracks that they were assailed by cow mounted warriors. Eventually all of the initial bandits are found dead. The party then follows the new tracks to a cave.
Moving into the cave, they find it splits in three directions. They take the far left, and spot a large set of glowing red eyes in a large cavern. They decide not to move in, as judging by the height and size of the eyes, the beast should be at least 14 feet tall. They decide to go back and go another way.
The next way, they come to another open cavern where three Minotaurs have the merchants cart. Before assailing the beasts, they decide to check the last branch. Here, they spot two minotaurs who appear to be guarding something. They can not see what, but they also find a hole leading down in the dark. They decide not to investigate further, and instead attack the three guarding the cart.
Things go poorly.
Through the intense battle, it appears that the party is going to be slaughtered until the bard begins chanting. Quickly, everyone stops fighting. One of the minotaurs grabs the bard and begins carting him away, but most everyone else follows. The only ones left near the cart are the mage, and the minotaur he was doing battle with. The mage surrenders (not being able to take the ax attacks of the minotaur).
In the meantime, the bard and the rest of the party are being led down the hall to the glowing eyes. Here, the bard stops chanting. The fighter attacks the other minotaur, who in his confusion and shock, breaks into a stampeding rage. The fighter follows him down the hall, but the creature just charges out of the cave and into the near by forest. Meanwhile, the bard has a hold on the other creatures weapon and a struggle ensues. The priest attempts to heal the bard, and is just able to do so before the bard is thrown into the darkness of the cavern with the eyes. Left alone with the minotaur, the priest flees unnoticed.
The fighter finds the mage captured by his enemy, but in a flash of prestidigitation, the mage blinds the minotaur and the fighter charges it seeing an opportunity. Together, they kill the beast, but not before one of the guarding ones takes notice of the sounds of battle and comes to investigate. However, he is met by the priestess who commands him to hide, which he does quickly and poorly.
The bard shows up holding a minotaur horn and tells the party that he met with the man leading the minotaurs and said that if they leave the cart, he would give them 120 GP (more than the merchant could pay them) they agree, but take the merchants bracelet along with three minotaur horns.

Back at town, the merchant is disappointed, and decides to try to regain his wares himself, but thanks the party for the bracelet. The mages mentor informs him that they could make a potion of strength from the minotaur horns with a few other ingredients. The Priestess gains a stalker, and the town begins to have a problem with a killer.
New Blood Edit
A new party is formed…
March 27, 2011 10:13

In the region of Dukesholm, there were many cities not attacked directly by the forces of the undead army. Some were considered to small to be of importance. Ejiah was one of those cities.
Soon after the attacks, Ejiah began having problems with bandits, ruffians, and random small groups of undead. They took it upon themselves to build a large wooden wall around most of their city. Now they post guards every day and night for the protection of their small town and way of life. Most of these guards are civilian, as anyone with real fighting capabilities was conscripted to fight the war.

We find our small party, one fighter, one wizard in training, and one priestess (midwife), taking watch together. They fend off a group of ruffians who attempt to steal from a house outside of town, and take a few prisoners. During night shift, they uphold the rules and refuse anyone entry. Later, the grave-keeper of a nearby cemetery calls on them to help destroy a creature desecrating one of his crypts. They find that the creature is a vampire who had attempted to enter the city on their watch. They eventually find him and kill him but not before he almost turns two of the party into his own kind. The priestess is able to cure them, but the mage never makes a full recovery.
Dealing with Sand Edit
Adventure through a desert
March 27, 2011 10:01

The greatest danger the New World party would encounter in the desert would of course be a lack of food and water. Fortunately, the now diminished population had two surviving priests, both capable of creating plenty of water, and had rations to spare.

Coming quickly out of the cold mountain tops and into burning desert takes a great toll on many people and some die of fever from the change. Also, with snakes and scorpions about, people are not free from peril. However, the peril suddenly increases when the adventurers wander into the territory of giant scorpions. However, with a little time and effort, the great beasts are slaughtered.

Soon they come across an old abandon town. Here, they speak with two dead people, one moving one not, and learn little of use. They move on.

Weeks of travel later, they begin to see reeds growing in the sand. One of the priests gets a prophecy, but is unable to decipher it in time before they are ambushed by sand elves. The sand elves take a few of their party and some ox and disappear into the sand they came from.
Some time later, they are spoken to by another sand elf. He tells them that if they want their friends back, they must sacrifice those “bearing demons”. The party realizes that some of the people were impregnated by the silver dragon, and the sand elves consider dragons to be demons. They refuse and leave the captured people behind.
Soon, they are out of the desert and waking through prairie. Here, they are confronted by a wandering dark mage, who nearly kills one of the party. However, they are able to corner the mage and kill him.

About a week later, they find a suitable spot and begin constructing their new city.

Destruction of the Compound Edit
February 17, 2011 13:48

Upon arrival at the compound the party assesses the situation. They must collapse the mine, disable the massive brass heating plate, and bust the dam. The entire compound is in a giant sink hole, so busting the dam from below would surely kill the party.

They evade the patrols and climb down into a forested area within the sinkhole. After watching and debating for a while, they attempt to manipulate an ogre shaman to turn down the plate. Watching the shaman, they find that the control of the plate is withing the temple. Unfortunately the shaman contacts the head of the compound, a mind flayer. Seeing the new threat, Smokey decides to look through the forest. He found a small sacred clearing. He decided to bless the area in the name of his goddess.

Suddenly, James falls into a rage (brought on by an illusion from Laddie) and begins killing. The rest of the group begins to charge the temple, where crowds of orcs and ogres converge, cutting off the path to the temple entrance. James, finishing off the enemies on the far side of the heating plate, gets hit with a powerful volley of bolts from the crossbows atop the dam. Shrugging off the damage, he continues to kill until a major mass of orcs throw him into the heating plate pit.

In the meantime, the rest of the party has broken into the temple, where they find a tunnel to a chamber below the plate. Here they find the mindflayer and a prismal eye, appearing unconscious and attached to the plate. A battle ensues, and with a full case and a precise shot the courtesan assassin buries her fan blades deep into the skull of the mindflayer, killing it. They move onto the prismal eye that wakes up. Unable to move, it only has magic to defend itself. Laddie, out of mana, reverts to his monk training and leaps up atop the creature dealing a powerful punch. In response, the eye releases a potent burst of negative energy, nearly killing laddie.

In the meantime, the still raging James takes out his furry upon the massive brass plate, and with a powerful thrust pierces the center of the plate with his massive sword. The weapon goes through the thick plate, and pierces Laddie and the already weak eye. Laddie falls dead to the floor, but before he can breath his last breath he is saved by the healing power of Smokey. The assassin, who’s primary target since leaving civilization was Laddie, attempts to kill him while he is weakened, but using a ring of teleportation escapes to his new home in the valley of the Great One.

James drops out of the rage, and spots his friends below. Reconnecting, they face the remainder of the forces outside. Grouped together in tight formation the enemy is hit by a pillar of fire called upon from the Goddess of light by Smokey. The party moves down into the mines that have already heard of the massacre on the surface and decided to retreat down the underwater streams. Without resistance, the group is able to take the time to figure out the correct means of collapsing the mine, leaving only the dam to be destroyed before their mission is accomplished.

Smokey, with the meager remnants of his mana, is able to call forth a whirling wall of blades to cause structural damage to the dams support beams, as they run the gauntlet up the side steps leading out of the dam being harassed by the many crossbowmen upon the dam. Making it out punctured, wounded, tired and beaten they retreat into the swamp, unfollowed by the dam guards who have deemed their driving away of the enemy forces to be a success until the dam collapses beneath them, and in the massive tidal forces are killed.

The party watches from the side of the pit as it fills with water into a deep lake. The mission is a success.
A Clear Mission Edit
February 09, 2011 20:02

After exploring one of the paths leading from “Roam”, the high level adventuring party found a massive city inhabited by the lizard men called “Bograbogs”. Not wanting to get into a major battle with thousands of citizens on their home turf, the party left and explored other avenues. Smoky, the bugbear clearic, was interested in building a shrine to his god, and struck out on his own to gather materials. Meanwhile, the rest of the party continued exploring. Smoky was captured and taken to the city where he ended up impressing and befriending the local shaman.

Soon the party came looking for smoky and found him chatting with the shaman who then gave them a mission. The mission was to go to the place where the poison fog is created and destroy the structure. Doing so would eliminate the poison fog and allow proper sunlight so that the marshes could once more flourish into the fertile land it once was. The party accepted.
The final placement in the north Edit
February 07, 2011 17:52

The Centaurs of the Knightmare Keep decide after some consideration that exploring the massive towers is not as important as getting home. They set out, following the mountains westward. Soon, they encounter decapitated heads of several beasts (matching those that attacked them while with the hunt). A bit later, they catch a fox with an odd mark on its forehead. They bag the creature and bring it along. Over the next few days, they are harassed by bugbears, bothered by giant spiders, and spotted (though not attacked) by giants of the mountains. Finally, after the arduous and long journey, they find themselves at a familiar sight; the remnant of Dukeshelm. From their they make their way home without problem.

Lord McCall informs his adopted daughter that he must leave to take care of things from his past, and Murdock must do the same. Murdock promises that when he comes back in one year, he will tell her all about his past, not leaving anything out.

Voyavoda as well leaves, heading north to challenge the leader of the Picts. On the way up, she is met by a familiar deity (guess who), who helps her by turning the leaders sword into a bird (can you guess?). Unarmed, the leader is run through by Voya. Out of fear of the great centaur backed by the gods, the picts accept her as the new leader.
A new friend and an ambush… Edit
January 30, 2011 22:38

DesertOur New World travlers continue South through the Dragontooth Mountains. The members of the group seem to fare well in the cold until a storm hits bringing a gratuitous amount of snow. In desperation, they find a cave. After exploring for a bit the group finds a tunnel back, and a secrete door. They post the thief in the first room to watch their backs and keep an eye on the tunnel as they explore the secret door. It splits, one way leading to a deep drop, and the other leading to a high platform overlooking the rear chamber. Here they see a dragon with black but glistening scales. The dragon knows of their presence and demands to know why they have come. They explain their situation, and he agrees to allow the large crowd of people to stay in the chamber if they can provide a valuable addition to his hoard and a few stories. The first few stories they tell are changed to make dragons seem noble and wise, but the dragon does not find the flattery appealing. Sorrow tells of his homeland and his mission to bring them religion. The dragon finds this inspiring and takes a liking to the priest.

After a few offerings of valuables, the Highland Warrior of the party offers an amulet found in at the site of the quartz dragon skeleton. Looking at the amulet, the dragon seems to find it most valuable, but seems more concerned for the well being of someone who wears it not knowing how to use it, or even what it is. He takes it as payment for the rest of the group.

As the remaining people come in with their animals (oxen, horses, and cattle) the dragon changes form into a human and begins talking with the group. Over the next few days he takes two different females of the group to the back of the cave alone (at different times). They don’t speak of what they were doing. He also begins to take a liking to the group and after spending three days taking shelter from the storm, the dragon becomes inspired by the stories told by the group and decides that when they reach their destination, he would like to help them build and start their new life. He gives them a means of communication and they leave.

Days later they are making their way slowly downward out of the mountains, when they a fork in the path. One way has totems on ether side of the bath with human skulls, black feathers, and garlic. They decide to go the other way. They come to a large deep chasm, seventy feet down. Sorrow begins to cast air walk on the cattle and starts people flying across the chasm. Soon half of the party is over to the other side, when Luna notices a noise up in the rock wall to their right. Suddenly, the entire wall breaks and falls down on the party, exposing an interior cave with goblins. The falling wall forces some of the group into the chasm and some of the people die from the fall, along with some livestock. Others are trapped below the fallen stone, and soon die. Sorrow continues to send the remnants across while Luna, the highland warrior, and the sho kojenya attack the goblins. The weak goblins are no match for the experienced fighters, and are soon killed. They save the surviving people who fell into the chasm, and leave the rest. Soon they are clear of the danger. A week later, they come out of the mountains to find miles of dry desert.
The Shrine of the Lord of the Mark and other Interesting things… Edit
January 26, 2011 16:39

We come back after a long while to a group headed south. They have traveled from Northreach, through Sabinthium, through Zulna, Thergos, and finally find themselves walking through Knobles Farth. The large group of 120 are making their way to a new world of opportunity, and have made it to the Dragontooth mountains. They follow a path up into the mountain that is well traveled. They come to what they are told is the shrine of The Lord of the Mark. After a brief waylay, they continue on. After only a few days and the loss of a few lives to the bitter cold of the winter mountains, they find a cave where they discover was once a great battle between elves and dragons. Exploring further, they find a small area with a locked metal chest. After numerous attempts to open the chest, resulting in the breaking of some weapons, a newer member attempts to lift the chest to drop it down a nearby chasm. The corroded bottom breaks open revealing a small fortune, along with some magical items. They continue on their way.

A few days later they encounter a giant bird which attempts to make a meal out of them but with little luck as the brave warriors of the group attempt to kill the creature, eventually driving it off. After weeks of travel, the people seem to become used to the cold conditions. Soon they arive at a dead end. Upon investegation of their surroundings they locate what appears to be a Dwarven door. They knock, and are answered by a younger dwarf by the name of Roush. He leads them through the complex and out the other side without offering them any food or shelter. They notice that the Dwarves living in the city are taller than normal dwarves, and have slightly pointed ears. However, they are not given time to observe any more than that, as they are ushered out of the complex quickly. They continue on.
Some bartering, some beer, and some bail money… Edit
January 23, 2011 08:51

Our troop headed towards the darklands finds themselves on the edge there of, in a dwarven citadel Bornas Acai, of the Teechasamonas Clan. Here they are spoken with by the lord, who is already taking council with a familiar face, Laddi Human, who informs them that the town that they had slayed the dragon for has a secrete tunnel that leads right to the dwarven city. It is faster, free of danger, but a bit dark.

The lord informs them that once they enter the Howling Marshes, they will not be allowed out by the way of the city, which is the only way for hundreds of miles in some directions, and thousands in the others. he gives them leave, but seems to have some internal quarrel.

Before they leave, they decide to stock up on supplies, and drink. The two entertainers (the halfling bard, and the human dancer/carouser) head to the Drunken Horse (spelled with a W) where they begin to entertain. It takes a few songs for the halfling to catch on to local likes in music, and eventually hypnotizes the whole crowd. With the crowed enthralled, she decides to take some well earned tip (little does she know that the dwarven bar maids are stealing it all right back and keeping it for themselves). The dancer is not taken to by the crowd as much and is even insulted by one man. She follows him home without him knowing, waits for him to fall asleep, and kills him. He is not found for days. In his home, she finds a potion, she later finds out is a love potion.

Meanwhile, at the Bed and Bucket (a national chain) James, Laddi, and Fawnna decide to have a drink. Laddi does a good job making friends (not) and James orders a drink. With Fawnna distracted while talking to the bartender, the drink pulls out a bad part of James, who pulls down his helmet, takes out his bastard sword and runs a dwarf through, killing him. A fight breaks out, and Fawnna is cut off from the fight by a crowd of drunken dwarves looking to get in on the action. James kills one more dwarf before they knock open his helm, and smashes him in the head, knocking him out. He wakes up in jail.

After the party finds out what happened, they speak with the lord who informs them of James crimes and how he is now scheduled for execution. He agrees however that if they can come up with 4500 in bail money, he will release James into their care, but they must take him out of the city at once. They agree.

Between the money they barter for Laddies gem, their uncut gems from their recent encounter, and the dragon scales and teeth, they collect more than enough. They bring the money to the lord and inform him that they would like to exit the city into the marshes. Accompanying them now is not only their old group, but a strange little halfling that seems to not know what is going on, and a bugbear priest who intends to bring the sunlight of his goddess to the darklands.

As they enter the marsh, they remember what warnings one of the princes told them. Everything is poison, don’t find yourself walking through the deeper waters because the fish are very aggressive, and don’t expect to find help.
What do a nudist and an assasin have in common? Edit
January 19, 2011 10:02

We join our high level group in the village that was saved by “the great one”. Once arriving back into the village, the party is met with some interesting news. First, Laddi Human has decided to stay behind and build himself a house in the town that worships him as a hero. Secondly, a person was found outside the town, unconscious. They revived her but from the blow she suffered to the head, her recent history has been lost to partial amnesia. They decide to take her on as a party member.

As they are about to embark, they hear something odd, as a naked man falls from the sky. Inches away from the ground his decent slows and he lands softly. He informs them that he is a powerful wind mage who attempted to create an air based teleportation spell, but all it did was rocket him into a suborbit around the earth, nearly unconscious. He was able to cast feather fall at the right time so as to save his own life, but he now knows not where he is. They take him on as well.

After a bit of travel down the path through the mountains, they come to a path leading up the east slope of a high peak blocking their path. Following it, they top the clouds, up to a volcanic crater on the peak. However, this crater is odd. It has light colored sand filling it, and out of the sand grows crystal formations. The party is intrigued.

After testing their capabilities with removing the gems, they find that their new friend (who informs them that she is a courtesan) is quite good with removing the gems unharmed. However, as the halfling bard is peering at one of the ruby formations, it begins to move, along with most of the ground around it. The sand gives way to a massive gem covered creature with a back shell like a turtle, and a large club tail all covered in gem spikes. It attacks.

After a bit of battle, the creature appears to be dying and moves over to another crystal formation and eats the entire thing, and appears to regenerate a bit. After a long drawn out battle, the party falls the beast, takes all the ruff cut gems and goes down the opposing side of the mountain.

The next few days of adventure are rather uneventful, and travel is fast due to the fact that james took the time to look off from the high peak and create a map of where they need to go. After a few days travel, they find themselves in a valley with a stream. Here they encounter a giant stone serpent with incredible burrowing capabilities. After a very short battle, the mage charms the great beast once it is underground. In a rage, James follows down the hole, but just runs into a boulder (the end of the beast). Not realizing the boulder is part of the beast, James drops out of rage and the party moves on, no longer hindered by the stone serpent.

After a few more days of travel, they arrive at Bornus Acai, the great citadel of the Teechasamonas Dwarven clan. It overlooks a 100 foot sheer cliff down to the Howling Poison Marshes of the Darklands.
The Breaking of the Siege of Keep Deekin Edit
January 10, 2011 07:21

After a quick discussion, the Knights of Deekin (now rejoined with information from Sir Philangelus) decide that the best course of action would be to attempt to lift the siege of Keep Deekin. However, with now more party members and only a few horses, they needed to find a way of traveling faster than on foot. Fortunately, the nearby ransacked town had a stable with two unhurt horses in it. Unfortunately, only one of those horses are healthy enough to ride day and night for three days without rest.

With no other option, they decide to take both horses, and have the lightest of them (fang) ride it. If it were to die of exhaustion, the mace Convalescence would revive it back to full health.

The first day back on the road, they come across the horse farm they had passed on their way in. Previously, the father of this horse farm had gone missing, and the horses had all been killed in a most disgusting manner. Now, upon arrival, the group finds the house abandon. Upon further investigation, they find the little girl (Chamele) hiding in the hay loft, and the mother turned into a wraith. They kill the now evil soul of the mother, and take the child with.

The next day, they come across a roaming bone walker. They have a bit of trouble, but with an accurate charge from behind Sir Phelangelous takes of the creatures scull, killing it in the process. The fact that the creature was just roaming around in the middle of the day makes the party a bit worried about the situation in the country.

The third day they come across Luis Bad and his company of road builders (Bad and Co.) who they conscript at a price of 3000 gp to aid in lifting the siege on the Keep. They are only 20 in number, but they are all large strong men.

The fourth day, they come to the keep where they find it besieged by hundreds of undead. Without delay, Bad and Co. charge the besieging army. The knights take the opportunity to flank the enemy from behind, but shortly the rest of the army begins to converge. As the second wave of troops is about to fall upon the already weary knights, the doors of the keep open, and the remaining Knights of Deekin come out and attack the enemy from their right flank. Soon, with so many mounted assailants attacking with such power and skill, the undead army falls, breaking the siege of the keep.

Upon conversing with the rest of the knights, they come to learn that they attempted sallying forth from the keep two days ago, but were unsuccessful, and in the battle Sir Rohan and Lady Novela went missing.

That night, Alexandra has a haunting dream that leaves her wondering who the dark dressed man she keeps seeing is, while Philangelous heard voices whispering to him.

Skull Dunkin and the Egyptian warrior Jackal are inducted as members of the knights.
The Great One and the Beast Edit
January 05, 2011 17:09

We find our mountain striding group with a new friend, with the name of James. He seems confused most of the time but after great deliberation and testing they found him to be real (always an important thing for an illusionist like Laddi) and helpful.

They descend into a valley where they encounter a giant of stone which immediately attacks the group. After a brief battle, the giant of stone is told to stop by a stone giant. Tobias, the stone giant, apologizes for his friends behavior, and leads the party to some real food warning them not to go too far north least they encounter “the beast”.

Later down the road they come across a small man, different from the others they have encountered. Not in black and red attire they know that he is not a quirkling, and using some spells Laddi determines that it is real. Once it sees the illusionist, it bows down calling it “the great one”. It leads them to a small village in a valley capped by a sheer cliff. Into this cliff appears to be a giant relief carving of the bust of Laddi. Those in the village throw a feast for the group and explain that the “great one” was prophesied to save the village from “the Beast”. Basking in the light of attention, Laddi agrees to kill the beast and return their champion.

During this time the bard of the group successfully hypnotizes a large portion of those attending the “great ones” feast, and begins to attempt to pickpocket them, but finds almost nothing of value. She then realizes that they have no market, no merchants and nothing lavish in the town. In fact the town has no inn even!

Heading out of town the next morning, they are told where to go. Following the directions they come to the nest of a massive two headed blue dragon perched on a small plateau high above the valley…a battle ensues.

Instantly the dwarf, Fawnna and the halfling bard disappear and reappear behind the dragon. Unfortunately the dragon hears their arrival, but they are still in a good position to attack. Laddi and James are blasted by a powerful electric burst from one of the heads as Laddi attempts a spell that seems to have little effect on the beast. James, seeing and opportunity with the lowered head strikes the beast with the board he carries around. Back behind the dragon, the fast little halfling takes a swipe at one of the giant creatures legs while the Fawnna regains her bearings, but not soon enough as she is knocked off the side of the plateau by a tail swipe of the massive creature. With quick reaction, the dwarf grabs the edge and holds on for dear life. The halfling, not noticing her friend in peril, ducks under the creature hoping to find a more effective shot.

Up front things are not going much better. With lightning speed the left head of the dragon bites and lifts James off the ground, throwing the poor man back over its body only to be hit like a ball off the side of the mountain by the creatures tail. Menwhile, Laddi attempts another spell, but to no avail.

Fawnna heaves herself up to rejoin the battle as James flies screaming overhead. The halfling swipes at the other leg with little luck. As the dwarf throws her axe at the beast, the little bard below decides to take a try at the tail, and with luck stabs the creature between the protective scales and saws with her kukri across, severing major nerves and paralyzing the tail. The creature lets out a screech as the dwarf heads to the front to attack the heads.

By the time the dwarf gets there, she finds the illusionist in one of the massive creatures mouths, and he sounds to be casting a spell. The dragon gets a worried confused look, unhinges its jaw, and with a blast of electricity expels a massive iron spike ball, taking the Laddi with it. The cannon like power of the blast not only blows Laddi almost the entire mile back to the town, but also kills the one head of the dragon. In fear, the other head attempts to take off, but the dwarf responds with a powerful axe blow to the still living head as the halfling does more damage to the backside of the creature. Without its tail for balance and control, the dragon rolls of the plateau hoping to catch wind some time in the fall and escape but Fawnna, wanting the kill, leaps off the plateau after the creature and with almost supernatural accuracy flings her axe, severing the second head. The beast dies.

Back at town, Laddi realizes the disastrous effect of his creation (the giant iron spike ball) when it landed on the town like a mortar shell killing over seventy people. However, the clever illusionist knows that these people are not truly dead, but are only under the effect of his illusion. Using another spell, he makes himself a powerful priest and casts a mass true resurrection on the town, waking up the dead people. He is hailed as a hero for saving the town, and the lives of those killed by the great iron ball. They give him the only things they think he may like which are a home in the town, rule as their champion, and a large piece of cut colored glass (or that’s at least what they think the 4000gp gem is). Meanwhile, the dwarf and the halfling climb down the side of the mountain where they find James hanging on for dear life. Down in the valley, they find the body of the beast and take scales, teeth, one of the heads, and decide to roast the heart for food.
A new party… Edit
Adventurers with experience strike into the darklands…
December 30, 2010 18:47

A new group was created at 16th level. There are three people in the party. One is a femaleMountians copy dwarven fighter with a specialty two handed throwing axe, and a powerfull gift from a god. Another is a human Monk/illusionist with a sense of humor, an illusory double and a creative streak. The third is a halfling bard who enjoys stealing as much as performing, and has a wonderful sash that has the ability to polymorph things into other things.

This party started in the town of Vega with intent to travel through the ash mountains into the Darklands. They successfully traveled through the mountains for 2 weeks so far, dealing with mountain rams, (territorial) kobolds, stone giants, illusions, and a strange man (or men, they are not quite sure) that claims to be a “little person” (smaller than a hobbit with what seems to be the ability to be able to change how gravity effects him).

They came across a dwarven city (Comanocha Clan) in one of the mountains, where they were asked that if they made it into the darklands, would they look for the lost artifact “Deepforge Hammer”? They agreed to keep an eye out.

The Towers of Old Iron Edit
December 20, 2010 13:18

Finally getting back to the centaur characters, they find themselves met by an odd and unexpected pair; one calling himself the Crimson Marvel, the other a shifty and vain elf. With nothing better to do, they join the already lost party. Approaching the tower, they encounter a small metallic humanoid who pokes the mage Viveca in the hand with a large needle, taking some blood. It then flies back to the tower. The party pursues.

After finding a large burnt section of the interior of the tower, Viveca finds herself in a tight spot facing down a group of mechanical solders. Nearly killed, Viveca is saved by her party, just barely. Illmarinen heals her with some unsuspected knowledge.

They find a door, upon which the Crimson Marvel finds hidden writing. It seems indecyperable until Viveca sees it glow with magic and suddenly understands that it means for her alone to go through.

She steps through and the large metal door locks behind her. Her party waits for two hours. She returns claiming that there was nothing there, only a collapsed tunnel. However, the keen ones of the group notice that some things are missing, such as her circlet. When inquired about, she denies ever owning a circlet.

They decide to move on….

The Knights Return to the Surface Edit
December 16, 2010 11:13

After a two day excursion to escape the dark crypt where an army of undead was being raised and equipped, the Knights finally found their way out only to find that a large portion of the undead army had already left the crypt and destroyed a nearby town, killing almost everyone. While looking for survivors, a messenger from elsewhere came to inform them that multiple undead armies have been raised and are now attacking other cities, and even besieging the capital Northreach.

Now, with their home keep under attack and no apparent allies to call upon, the knights must figure out what their next move is.
GM Only

They failed to find and kill both the Necromancers adviser and the disciple that was raising the army. There remain 13.
Already in action 3… Edit
December 10, 2010 07:46

A third group (not played but a few times so far) is part of a mass exodus leaving the city of Northreach, heading far south to start a new civilization and life. Guided by a Sho Kojenya, they are making their way south of the Dragonmark Mountains to find suitable land. The primary funding for the group comes from a famed entrepreneur named Arthur Goldman.

They have made their way almost to the mountains already, and have only a few weeks journey left before they will start settling their new town.
And lastly…

The final area that is active (though it really is not an “area” per say) is the playground of the gods. This section is a free and open place where players can experiment with different types of characters and personalities, and the DM can justify just about any terrain or event. It is ment to be fun, creative, and used to develop characters that the players may want to take into the “real world”.
Already in action 2… Edit
December 09, 2010 12:01

The next group of adventurers were discovered by a small brotherhood of knights north of Northreach, called the Knights of Deekin. Known for their honor and intelligent weapons, the knights of Deekin protect the surrounding countryside without any thought of payment or reward. As of now there are 5 PC’s that are members of the Knights of Deekin.

1) Nealon of Queenscove
This young noble has been a member of the Knights of Deekin for a short while. He can be cocky, and elitist, but is true and fierce in battle. He is a Green Knight, wields the sword “Convalescence” and has the ability to heal others.

Alexandra is one of the more strange additions to the Knights of Deekin. She is a half-ork warrior who renounced her clan from west of the Ash Mountains. She is out to prove that not all orks are evil, and some can be good and heroic. She is the only Purple Knight, wielding the sword “Umbra”, an emitter of Dark Energy.

3)Sir Philangelous
The renown knight Philangelous is the newest addition to the Knights of Deekin. He is a bit daft, but unceasing in the fight against evil and injustice. His primary weapon is a lance called “Turbulence” and is a Golden Knight with the ability to control wind.

This strange little drow was found by Nealon and Alexandra in a battle against the Necromancer. Having been bitten by the serpent god, Fang is a Serpent Barbarian with rather reptilian abilities. She wields a bone dagger called “Sunder” but she refers to it as “Kut-Ert” with the ability to manipulate earth and ground.

5)Black Dunkin
Not being accepted yet into the Knights of Deekin, Black Dunkin is a bit of a moron. However, he is easy to manipulate as was found by his intelligent weapon “Scull Crusher Axe” who almost always retains control of Black Dunkin’s body, calling himself the “Scull Dunkin”.

They were last seen going into an abandon keep surrounded by a graveyard, following a rumor that the Necromancer had stirred up some activity there.
Already in action… Edit
December 08, 2010 22:35

As of now, there are multiple individual story lines, all existing on the same continent. Some are multiple dungeons old, while some are quite new.

The first story line takes place north of the Norther Mountains. Three sister centaurs found themselves in a keep of beast races (including kobolds, orks, minotaurs, other centaurs, and dwarfs). They have had numerous adventures, and each has found (or will find) a place to call their own.

The first is Voyavoda. Being the most warlike, she is aggressive and takes great pleasure in battle. Mostly along for the ride, she has had little interest in families like her sisters, and has little interest in political or financial gain. She has however toyed with the idea of challenging the leader of a rival clan of raiding barbarians to the north called the Picts.

The next is a very family oriented young lady (now a lady in body until further notice) named Evelayne. Having been adopted by the leader of the Beast Keep (Named the Knightmare Keep) she stands to become the next leader of the small surrounding lands. She is hopelessly in love with the head of the hunters guild, and has a small family started already.

The final sister is Viveca. While she has a small family started, her greatest drive is her study of magic. In pursuit or wisdom and insight, she blinded herself. She eventually hopes to become one of the only Mystic Thurges in the world.

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