Thirdworld is the location of our campaign. It is a young world, though it has been through two ages before, the age of the Elves, the age of the Dragons, and now the age of Man. Magic is much more rare to find in this world, not something a normal person would be able to purchase without selling their soul. It is however quite powerful and some global players have found means to unlock great magical power.

Another thing that is rare to find in this world is an Elf. Although they still exist, they are quite reclusive. However, their drow counterparts are more prevalent, though only as enemies.

The nature of the landscape is what would have been expected from a world that has undergone civilization changes as this world has. There are old keeps, mysterious mechanical cities, hidden secrets, old allegiances and ancient feuds.

As one of the multiple DMs of this world, i welcome all who are eager to explore.

The Murders of Gradilla

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