female dwarf fighter!


Class: Fighter Lvl 17
Race: Dwarf
HP: 244
AC: 20

- +4Bearded Axe Dwarvan Thrower (3d4 2xdamage thrown Crit19 4xdamage)
- +2Hand/Throw Axe (1d6 2xdamage thrown)

On my armor there is a symbol of my God~Banish extraplanar w/in 25’ radius


I come from the Nonya Clan in the southern part of the Ash mountains. I currently have been sent out to retrieve information about the world around us and what is going on with the evil lands to the east of us. I am to return only when I have all of the following items: 1) a powerful weapon, 2) strong armor, and 3) the head of a servant of the dark heart. So far I have number one, and will retrieve them all to prove my worth to my clan!!


The Murders of Gradilla Harmony